Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 6 Reaction

The cunning of Ayanokoji never ceases to amaze. In Season 2 episode 6 of Classroom of the Elite we see yet another genius move by him. But what does the future hold? And what are the chances he can reach Class A?

Episode 6 Plot Summary

Horikita talks with Sudo
Horikita talks with Sudo

Episode 6 begins with Horikita running up to Sudo in order to convince him to rejoin the class. If you remember from last episode, Ayanokoji had implored Horikita to use this opportunity to recruit Sudo. During this talk, we learn that Sudo is afraid of becoming more like his parents. Horikita tries to this fact in order to influence Sudo. At the same time, her words expose her own insecurities stemming from her relationship with her brother. Horikita wants to be more like her brother while Sudo wants to be less like his parents. As Horikita attempts her ploy to win over Sudo, Ayanokoji confronts Kushida about betraying Class D.

Ayanakoji confronts Kushida about being Class D's traitor
Ayanokoji confronts Kushida about being Class D’s traitor

Last episode we mused on whether or not Kushida was truly a traitor, but it seems that Ayanokoji more evidence then we knew about. Apparently he caught Kushida taking pictures of their classes submission form. That form contained all the Sports Festival assignments for Class D. Additionally, it turns out Kushida has been betraying Class D for a while. During the previous test that took place on the cruise ship, she told Ryuen that she was the VIP, costing her class precious points. As it is, it turns out one of our theories from last episode was right: Kushida really does want to see Horikita expelled. It seems Kushida holds an extreme hatred for Horikita. She’d rather see her get expelled than reach class A. That’s taking hatred to new levels. You can’t help but be impressed. As a result of Ayanokoji’s confrontation, Kushida adds him to the list of people she wants expelled. Wait she has a list??? That means there might be quite a few people Kushida wants gone from the school. Luckily for Ayanokoji and Horikita, Sudo is swayed by Horikita’s words and devotes himself to helping her. I guess it turns out Horikita isn’t that bad with people. Afterwards, Sudo apologizes to the class and rejoins the sports festival. It’s just in time for the last event. Two classmates are also injured and can’t compete, leaving Horikita and Ayanokoji as substitutes.

Ayanakoji talks to the Class President
Ayanokoji talks to the Class President

During the relay, the school’s class president approaches Ayanokoji and questions how Class D was able to recompose themselves. Ayanokoji gives all the credit to Horikita. As the race continues, Ayanokoji and the class president decide to race. Unfortunately for Ayanokoji he ends up losing because a kid in front of him falls down. Later, Horikita leaves to talk with Ryuen. There we see Kushida by her side. We also finally learn why Kushida hates Horikita so much. It turns out, Kushida and Horikita went to the same middle school. Horikita didn’t recognize her until now because she was never a social kid. But now we see Kushida’s true self come out. After admitting that she wants Horikita expelled, Kushida quiets down and allows Ryuen to confirm Ayanokoji’s suspicions. Ryuen used the leaked form to maneuver his class towards victory. Furthermore, Kinoshita (the girl who injured Horikita) faked the injury to manipulate Horikita.

Horikita records conversation with Ryuen and Kushida
Horikita records conversation with Ryuen and Kushida

But Horikita is a little bit too smart for that, she was recording the whole conversation between her, Ryuen, and Kushida. But wait, Ryuen had said from the start it was all a hypothetical situation (I don’t know if that excuse would hold up in court though). Even so, it works on Horikita and right before she starts to grovel for mercy, a mysterious message shows up on Ryuen’s phone. It’s a recording of Ryuen planning to injure Horikita using Kinoshita. It’s clear that Ayanokoji saved the day. From the beginning, he had accounted for every possibility and used Kushida to ensure his own victory. On that final note, the episode ends.

Kushida and Ryuen plot together
Kushida and Ryuen plot together

Episode 6 Analysis

Why does kushida want horikita expelled?

Apparently Kushida was a “problem child” in middle school. Horikita and Kushida went to the same middle school. Kushida wants to eliminate Horikita from the picture in order to ensure she can retain the image she built up since entering high school. She sees Horikita as a liability that needs to be removed. Even so, Horikita is not the type of person to worry herself with other people’s lives. She is very unlikely to expose Kushida as a fake. Yet Kushida simply wants to erase every connection to her past self.

Will Ayanokoji be exposed to ryuen?

It seems more than likely Ayanokoji’s identity as Horikita’s savior will be exposed to Ryuen. We know Kushida is conspiring with Ryuen and anybody in Class D would recognize Ayanokoji as Horikita’s only friend and ally. Furthermore, Ayanokoji was the only other person to recognize Kushida as Class D’s traitor. Finally, even if Kushida is not certain that Ayanokoji recorded that video, it would behoove her to accuse him. She wants Horikita and Ayanokoji expelled. If Ryuen sees both of them as enemies, it will make her job that much easier.

What comes next for classroom of the elite?

It’s clear that Kushida and Class C are the most overt enemies at this point but are they the most powerful enemies? Certainly not. There’s a reason Class A and Class B are ahead of Class C. They’re likely even more capable then Ryuen. Even so, Horikita is growing fast. She’s finally learning to rely on others and overcoming her biggest weakness. Additionally, Ayanokoji is as sly as ever. It’s clear that Class D is becoming more and more capable. While we can’t predict what obstacle the class will face next, it’s clear they won’t go down without a fight.

Who would’ve won the race between Ayanokoji and the class president

Even though the president ended up winning the race, it’s clear that he only won because a kid fell in front of Ayanokoji. Right before they did fall, Ayanokoji said he was going to go faster. It’s clear from the events of the show so far, Ayanokoji is in a different stratosphere than the rest of the students. We don’t know his full background but he has serious ability that he hasn’t been revealing. If the race had continued without any obstacles we can say Ayanokoji would’ve easily won.

When Will Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 7 air?

Classroom of the Elite season 2 will air its 7th episode on Monday, August 15th at 9:30 am.

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