How Long Would it Take to Watch all of Naruto?

When considering whether or not to start an anime, it’s important to understand if you are going to be able to actually consume the content put out by the anime. That’s especially true when considering Naruto, a series that has an unbelievably high amount of episodes. There are 220 episodes in the original series and 500 episodes in the Shippuden sequel. It’s a huge commitment to watch such a series and by the time you finish, you may have forgotten what happened at the beginning of the series. In this post we’ll breakdown how long it takes to watch the original Naruto series, the Naruto Shippuden sequel, and finally how long it takes to watch both of them. Hopefully, this will help you understand the commitment you’re undertaking.

How Long Does it take to watch all of naruto original?

Answering this question is very complicated. The original Naruto series is 220 episodes. If you skip the intro and outro of each episode they come to around 20 minutes in length. If we simply multiply the number of episodes (220) by the length of each episode (20) we get 4400 minutes or a little under 74 hours. If you were to watch 2 hours per day,(which is a lot) it would take you around 37 days to finish the original Naruto series. So simple enough: it takes 37 days to watch the original Naruto series. Right? Not so fast. Naruto has more filler than any other anime I’ve ever watched. There are so many episodes that you can skip if you value your time. Nearly the final 80 episodes of the series can be considered filler. In total, 91 episodes are considered filler and can be skipped without losing any of the Naruto storylines. That changes our equation. Now we are working with 129 canon episodes of Naruto. 129 episodes at 20 minutes per episode come out to 2580 minutes or 43 hours. If you watch 2 hours per day, it will take you a little under 22 days to watch the original Naruto series. That’s not a recommendation to watch filler or not. If you like filler, go ahead and watch it. The first time I watched Naruto, I watched every episode, filler or not.

How long does it take to watch All of Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto Shippuden is an extremely intimidating series to begin, simply because of the enormous 500-episode count. Just like the original Naruto, Shippuden has 20-minute-long episodes when you subtract the intro and outro. The problem (or good thing) is that Naruto Shippuden has significantly more episodes. First, we’ll look at the length of the series without considering whether an episode is a filler or not. 500*20 = 10,000. That means there is at least 10,000 minutes worth of Naruto Shippuden. That translates to around 167 hours or 84 days worth of anime watching if you watch 2 hours per day. That is someone ridiculous. It would take you nearly a quarter of a year to finish Naruto Shippuden if you religiously watched for 2 hours each day. That’s really difficult to do for individuals balancing school, jobs, and other commitments. Another way to watch the series is by subtracting the 205 episodes worth of filler. Then you get to a more manageable (although still massive) 295-episode count. 295 episodes * 20 minutes per episode = 5900 minutes or a little under 99 hours. 99 hours translates to around 50 days when you watch 2 hours per day. That’s still an extreme amount of time but it’s definitely easier to complete Shippuden in a more, relatively, reasonable timeframe.

How Long Does it take to watch all of naruto?

So now that we’ve broken down the length of the original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, we can answer the question: How long does it take to watch the entirety of Naruto? It entirely depends on whether or not you value filler. If you value filler as a part of anime, it’s going to take you around 121 days to watch all of Naruto. That’s without even considering Boruto (which isn’t Naruto but is a series about his son). If you would rather skip filler, it will take you around 72 days to finish all of Naruto. Both of those conclusions assume you are able to watch 2 hours per day, 7 days a week. Many aren’t going to be able to achieve such a feat.

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